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Hollandvis quality

Hollandvis in Scheveningen offers a wide range of sea fish, both daily fresh and deep-frozen. We specialize in fresh fish. Combined with our wide assortment and high quality, we are the right address for all your fish needs!

Fresh catch

When the ships with freshly caught fish arrive into the Scheveningen port, the fish is transported directly to the fish auction. This literally happens in front of our door.

Fish auction

Once the fresh fish is sorted and weighed, we purchase the highest quality fish for an excellent price.

Eye for detail

Hollandvis handles the in-house processing of the fish, which includes immediate filleting and packaging upon arrival, under optimal conditions.

Fresh & fast

The strength of Hollandvis is quality, flexibility, and speed. Thanks to a team of motivated employees, our customers are offered fresh fish in a timely and expert manner.

About our family business

Hollandvis is located by the Scheveningen port. We literally see the freshly caught fish sail into the harbor. We are a true family business and together we ensure that Hollandvis is a prominent wholesale business.

  • Once upon a time…

    Over the years, Hollandvis has rapidly grown into a prominent, international fresh fish wholesale business. Originally, Hollandvis was a cooper, founded in 1941 under the name “A. Pronk”.

    As of 1965, the activities were expanded to include the fish and herring trade and the name “Hollandvis” was born. In 1980, the decision was made to transfer to the fish trade entirely, thereby increasing the number of customers; not only in Scheveningen and surroundings, but throughout the whole of the Netherlands and even internationally.

  • The team…

    The Hollandvis team consists of fifteen people. As a family business, Hollandvis is proud of the close relationships it has with its customers and employees. The Pronk brothers lead the company, as well as being involved in filleting and packaging the fish whenever necessary. The strength of Hollandvis does not only lie in its top-quality products for a great price, but also in the involvement of all its employees.

    The Hollandvis team believes in the quality of its products, and certainly in the provision of its services.

What does Hollandvis do?

Hollandvis has built a long and trusted relationship with various suppliers. This leads to a wide assortment and customers far beyond the Dutch borders. By managing the entire process ourselves, we are able to deliver the freshest fish of the highest quality.

  • Purchase across the border…

    Hollandvis purchases fish at auctions in both the Netherlands and abroad. Furthermore, we try to purchase fresh fish directly at the source as much as possible. We have contacts throughout the whole of Europe; Denmark, Spain, France, etc. Our fish is also bought within the Netherlands and we have daily contact with Rungis (as one of the first in the Netherlands). Each of our contacts has its own specialty, allowing us to offer a wide range of high quality fresh fish. Because of our intensive and direct contact with our suppliers, we are able to deliver fresh fish.

  • Processing…

    Well-established collaborations with various partners yield enormous experience in the field of processing fresh fish and shellfish. Hollandvis daily supply of fresh fish guarantees top quality. We can safeguard this quality because we manage the entire process ourselves. After purchase on the Visafslag (fish auction), only a stone’s throw away, the products are delivered to us for processing almost immediately after unloading. With various labels (see CSR), we provide products that have been caught in a sustainable way.

  • Collect and distribute…

    The buyers of fresh fish are varied and are especially formed by the restaurant and catering industry, fish shops, markets, and wholesale. Within the restaurant business, many Japanese restaurants belong to our circle of customers due to our wide (Japanese) assortment.

    Via an online order system, customers can simply place an order and then we deliver the fresh fish in the region ourselves. We can deliver products quickly, even to our business relations in London, Paris, and Vienna. A horizontal organization, anticipating the customer’s wishes and needs, and our own distribution are what makes us strong.

CSR & Label

Hollandvis exclusively offers sustainable and healthy products. Proper management is a condition for sustainable fishing. After all, the sea has a certain production capacity. We have various labels and quality labels. Additionally, we collaborate with certified suppliers and the machines are aimed at sustainability and saving.

Marine Stewardship Council

To Hollandvis, sustainability is invaluable. The MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) is an independent non-profit organization that operates worldwide to make the fish market sustainable. The MSC certificate shows that Hollandvis does everything in its power to produce in a sustainable and responsible way

Friend of the Sea

Hollandvis represents Friend of the Sea certified products. Friend of the Sea is a non-profit Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), whose mission it is to save the marine environment. Friend of the Sea is one of the most important international certification projects for products from both fishing and the aquaculture.

SITA Green Label

Hollandvis has the SITA Green Label, which means that the processing of waste is 100% CO2 neutral. The CO2 emission is as low as possible due to the prevention and reuse of waste. The remainder of the CO2 emission is compensated by investing in sustainable energy projects.


Hollandvis uses SGS laboratory services. Consequently, Hollandvis profits from optimal quality control.


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